Kristina Busse

Abstract for Collective Scholarships and Digital Interfaces

Workshop SCMS (March 2012)

Participants: Kristina Busse, Francesca Coppa, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Jason Mittell, Louisa Stein

This workshop looks at the recent challenges to traditional forms of humanities scholarship—single authorship, blind peer review, and non-Open Access journals—and the way online discourses and digital interfaces have altered the face of traditional academic publishing. Even though current methods of creation, evaluating, and judging academic work seem immutable, historical and disciplinary differences suggest the ultimate arbitrariness of the system. Online research and publication in particular have challenged traditional methods of collecting and disseminating scholarly research and have offered alternative venues.

The panel looks at collective authorship and other forms of collaboration, on- and offline, in order to address the changing demands on academics as public intellectuals as well as university employees. Drawing from theories on academic evaluation and the changing professionalization of the university, the contributors look at the successes and complications encountered in different forms of open and collective peer reviews, especially as they are enabled and hindered by digital interfaces. Related to new forms of sharing and disseminating scholarship, the workshop also touches upon Open Access models for research and teaching and the influence those have, in turn, upon the role of the academic scholar as researcher, teacher, and administrator.