Kristina Busse

Abstract for Teaching with Fan Video: Pedagogies and Classroom Strategie

Workshop SCMS (March 2017)

Participants: Kristina Busse, Francesca Coppa, Anne Kustritz, Tisha Turk

This workshop considers the various ways in which fanvids and other video mashups contribute to the humanities curriculum and how teachers in various disciplines can successfully incorporate them into their classrooms. Fanvids are a form of video production, in which media fans re-edit television or film into music videos. Vidders use short clips from one or several media sources and arrange them to celebrate shows, analyze ideas or characters, or create specific narratives or arguments.

One of the benefits of teaching with fanvids is that they are short and complete examples of fan works. While they provide condensed arguments and interpretations of source texts, they are also dense enough to sustain complex readings. Fanvids are a model of interpretive audience response that appeals to students aesthetically and affectively. Their thematic and creative diversity makes them well-suited for a range of course objectives, from teaching the writing process or transmedia aesthetics to feminist reception aesthetics or media histories. We will host a discussion of pedagogies and goals for incorporating fanvids into the classroom . This will encompass both a theoretical discussion of the place and use of fan videos and a practical sharing of specific assignments and particular types of fanvids which we have used successfully. What competencies do students bring to the study of fan video, and how can those competencies help them make connections across a course? Conversely, where are the students’ blind spots: what things do we need to teach (or unteach) them about fan video and mashups, and how do we do that? How are faculty incorporating the making of fanvids into the classroom, and what learning objectives do such exercises best serve?

Given the interdisciplinary nature of fan studies, the workshop brings together teachers from different disciplines who use fanvids in multiple ways in their courses. Participants will discuss the ways in which they use fanvids and other video mashups to teach a diverse array of courses, including those in narratology and writing, literature and adaptation, media and television studies, gender studies, fan and digital cultures, intellectual property, and others. We hope other workshop participants will share their experiences and contribute to a site to collect specific assignments as a shared and expanding online resource.